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* only the first year is open to admissions for the Grenoble campus, subject to sufficient numbers.
Admissions fees
  • In initial training, each academic year: 8,000 euros, no admin fee;
  • Work-study (from the 3rd year): professional training or apprenticeship contracts are available, the host company pays the tuition fees.

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The selection tests organised by École Hexagone guarantee a uniform level of ability and academic excellence. These tests are free of charge, and available by appointment throughout the year.

They cover applied mathematics, algorithms and logic, French, English, and general culture. Finally, a motivation interview is arranged after the tests.


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Selection tests at one of our campuses (or online for international applicants)


Admissions committee and notification of the result within 10 working days


Contract agreement and payment of tuition fees to confirm enrolment


Welcome to École Hexagone!

You are?

Are you a motivated high school student?

You are currently in your final year of secondary school and would like to focus your higher education and your career on the digital professions, whether in development, software engineering, the Web, systems and network administration, or simply IT in the broadest sense of the term?

École Hexagone opens its doors from the 1st year to all types of baccalaureate and high school qualification. Admissions tests are offered for all applicants. A passion for IT and motivation are also prerequisites.

Your admission will depend on your current level and the results of the selection tests.

Are you a information technology student with a passion?

Are you currently studying in an IT field and looking to change direction or continue your studies?

École Hexagone offers parallel admissions which will allow you to join one of our two Bac+5 programmes, on one of our campuses in Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble or Versailles.

Your admission level will naturally depend on your current level and the results of the selection tests:

• After a first year in an IT course: admission to the second year of the preparatory cycle (Bac+2).
• After a 2nd year in an IT course and subject to obtaining a Bac+2: admission to the first year of the Engineering course (Bac+3).
• After a 3rd year in an IT course and subject to obtaining a Bac+3: admission to the second year of the Engineering course (Bac+4).
• Direct admission to the third year of the Engineering programme (Bac+5) is not possible.

Are you an employee and agile?

If you’re currently employed, you can, under certain conditions, register for a VAE (validation of prior experience) and obtain the title of “IT Project Manager”, a state-recognised Bac+5 level 7 qualification registered with the RNCP (the French professional certification register). This procedure takes between 12 and 18 months.

Are you looking for a job and motivated?

If you are currently looking for a job, whether for a complete change of direction or a specialisation, we can help you look at admission to one of our two courses: IT or AI. Under certain conditions, funding from Pôle Emploi (the French employment agency) or local authorities is possible.

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