12 parvis du Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, 78000 Versailles

A day at Versailles

Versailles, a historical town with a bright future. A campus in the Paris-Saclay area.


Good morning

Hot drinks and French-produced fruit juices are available as soon as the campus opens.
There’s nothing like a warming drink and some vitamins to start the day off right!



Classes in small groups. Modern, bright rooms, ideal for learning to create together.
The cliché of the geek as a solitary vampire who lives only at night is not our thing!


Need a break

Discuss courses, your interests, your plans, stretch your legs and make friends too, for sure...
You need a break!



Teach, explain, demonstrate, convince...
If you want to do it well, it’s best to do it with modern teaching tools!

Our teaching


Healthy, balanced meals at attractive prices are on the menu to ensure your higher education is a success. Because going back to school with an empty stomach and an empty wallet is out of the question!



3D printing, robotics, home automation...
The FabLab is the nerve centre of the campus and allows you to work on your academic or personal projects.
Make room for growth and creativity!

Discover the FabLab

Take a turn in the garden

Switch off, have a coffee, meet up with students and lecturer-consultants to discuss and review the day, or just to get some fresh air... You might not realise, but having a nice garden does you good!


Let’s talk business

Our meeting room is the place where all the School’s decisions are made. It is available for meetings with companies or investors.
This is one of the decisions we took there!

Our internship and work-study offers

With our secure bike parking, it’s easy as 1-2-3 to opt for the bike rather than the car or train. Good evening then, because it’s time to go home. Your muscles will thank you, and so will the planet!

Would you like to experience this for yourself?

Schedule an appointment with the Versailles campus and come and meet us!