With the École Hexagone's
IT curriculum, programme yourself a fulfilling, lucrative professional future!

IT has moved into all sectors of activity and its applications are constantly evolving. The sector is changing all the time, and offers excellent employment prospects and good conditions of employment.

When you join the École Hexagone’s IT programme, your studies promise to be exciting and your future professional life highly rewarding!

Within this sector, which never stops innovating, IT specialists are sought after by digital service companies, software publishers, banks, industrial and commercial companies, administrations, and of course start-ups.

A 5-year course with an integrated preparatory course

A multidisciplinary programme in information technology.

The first two years form the Preparatory Cycle in initial training. The following three years form the Engineering Cycle, which runs on a work-study basis with a professional training contract (or apprenticeship contract from October 2021).

This course is validated each year by our Scientific Council, a body that brings together our corporate and institutional partners, and which validates the main academic pathways.

The “Grande École” programme offered by the École Hexagone prepares students in 5 years for the various computer engineering professions.
As a multidisciplinary programme in information technology, it includes the topics of development, system and network administration, databases, management, etc.


(1st et 2nd years)

The Preparatory Cycle has multiple objectives, including:

From the first year, to build skills that are immediately usable in business

To build a solid and reusable skills base

To stimulate curiosity, the desire to learn and to put into practice.

1st year programme
(834 HOURS)


Linux administration (RedHat RH194)

Algorithms withPython

Office automation

UI/UX fundamentals

Histoire and culture of computing

Introduction to innovation

Computer maintenance

Applied mathematics

Modeling and databases

Connected objects

Systems programming

Delivering an impactful presentation

Network technologies (Huawei)

Web technologies

Associative project

Individual project


‍(822 hres


Linux administration (RedHat RH294)

Advanced networks (Huawei)

Microsoft Windows Server

Microsoft Active Directory

Security fundamentals


PHP (Symfony)

MySQL - Transact-SQL (SQL Server)


Intercultural management



Design Thinking

Group project

Internet law

Computer architecture

Virtualisation (VMware VCA)

CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap)

In the subjects taught, practice and curiosity are essential. These two points will help students to understand the functioning of everything they work with so that they can go further and be ready to create and innovate. The programme has been designed to further develop our students’ intellectual curiosity and this experimental approach.

Engineering Cycle

(3rd, 4th and 5th years)

The Engineering Cycle marks the beginning of professional training within a company, with an ideal combination of work and study, in agreement with our partner companies who recruit our students. You will spend 3 days in class and 2 days in the company. Work-study can be carried out through an approved internship, a professional training contract or an apprenticeship contract (available from October 2021).
This comprehensive programme covers innovative and essential topics for the future computer engineer: 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, BIM, etc.

‍(659 H)


DevOps : Containerisation
and Continuous Integration (Outscale)

Microsoft Azure

Introduction to Blockchain

Internet of Things (Huawei)

Office 365 administration

Cross-platform mobile development (React Native)

iOS development

Android development

Virtual and augmented reality with Unity and Vuforia

C# Web Applications and Xamarin

Agility et Scrum

Customer Relationship Management (HubSpot)


Fundamentals of BI and ETL


4th year programme
(621 hours


Project management, testing methodology

API and microservices with Java and C#

Front-end development (ReactJS)

5G telecommunications

Big Data

Business Intelligence (Power BI)

Artifical Intelligence

Machine Learning


Marketing and business strategy


Cybersecurity (Stormshield)




5th year programme
(464 Hours)


Defining and implementing a BCP/DCP

Commercial contract law

Ethics in the 21st century

Business Intelligence: Strategy and tool

Corporate strategic thinking and digital transformation

IT security - ISO 27007

Smart Building


Methodology and support for the dissertation

Assessment methods:
Technical assessments, case studies, professional role-plays, preparation and presentation of an activity report, group and individual projects, manufacturer certification, professional dissertation and oral presentations.

A wide range of opportunities

for the digital professions

Companies are constantly adapting to new technologies to improve their performance. Recruitment of IT experts is therefore experiencing strong growth and will become increasingly important in the years to come!

Web Developer

Information Architect

Network Administrator

Project Manager

IT Security Manager

Database Administrator...

With École Hexagone’s IT course, become the much sought-after experts in the digital professions.

Our academic partners,
members of our Scientific Council

The École Hexagone is offering certain companies and market players the opportunity to join its Scientific Council. This Council, which meets several times a year, determines the academic content of the programmes to meet the (future) needs of companies.

French Tech

Microsoft, Huawei and Apple are among the leading IT companies. It is essential for students to master the latest technologies (e.g. 5G) so that they are able to implement them in their future careers. This is why the Hexagone School is opening an Artificial Intelligence course in 2021. But the Hexagone School does not stop there. It has also set itself the task of promoting French Tech among its international students by teaching them the latest French technologies:

Symfony, the leading French PHP framework

Outscale, the French professional hosting company

Stormshield, the first French publisher specializing in cybersecurity, certified by the ANSSI

The objective of these academic and strategic partnerships is twofold: the students benefit from cutting-edge education, and they will ultimately help develop the audience for French technologies by exporting them via future graduates.

Our academic partners,
members of our Scientific Council

Estelle Brown & Marion Frémy - 3DS Outscale

The idea of supporting and training the talents of tomorrow in the use of French technologies echoes the values of 3DS OUTSCALE and it is therefore only natural that we wanted to join forces with École Hexagone.

Sharing and expertise are in our DNA and through its highly relevant training programme, the Hexagone school enables us to put in place quality interventions with its students.

Our initial exchanges have been promising, and herald a partnership that we plan to maintain over the long term.

Cyril Bertschy - Bispok

The clients we work with, whether CAC 40 groups or SMEs, are looking for concrete, tailor-made and efficient solutions to their secure connectivity issues. To support our growth, it was natural that we contacted Hexagone, as the content and curricula fit with our needs.

We are delighted to have students from Hexagone among our “junior” Experts!

Do you have one of the student-worker profiles we are looking for?