École Hexagone’s FabLab, which stands for Fabrication Laboratory, could well become one of your favourite places on campus!

With superb facilities and open to all, this is the perfect place to design and experiment, to bring your ideas, share them and make them happen... Let’s get creative!


Experiment! In the FabLab, you have all the tools and equipments you need for your academic and personal projects.
The Arduino computer prototyping platform, the oscilloscope, soldering and much more - you’ll soon know everything there is to know about them all.

3D printing

Make! Using the various 3D printer models at your disposal and Autodesk Fusion 360, the leading 3D design software.
Designing and manufacturing your objects takes on a whole new dimension!

Achievement and fulfilment

Create! And admire the results. In the FabLab, you design, experiment and complete your projects independently or with supervision!

Focus project 2021

Develop! There is no doubt that our FabLab serves as an incubator for IT & AI projects, with fourth-year students working in exclusive partnership with NOVATEL to develop software and hardware for a French-produced remote medecinebooth.


Welcome! You can use the FabLab for your personal projects as well as your business projects.
It would be a pity not to make the most of it!