Information for international students wishing to study at École Hexagone in France

Dear students from all over the world,

Intercultural dialogue is one of the fundamental principles of École Hexagone. Certain projects are designed to enable students from different countries to participate at the same time and with the same shared objectives: to acquire new skills and gain a greater understanding of others.

Our French campuses, in Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble and Versailles, accept applications from international students to pursue higher education studies in information technology and artificial intelligence.

In addition to our normal admissions procedures, there are compulsory administrative procedures for obtaining a study visa in France via the Campus France offices. If the applications and forms are complete, contain all the relevant details and are accompanied by all the required documents, Campus France services generally accepts the applications.

Hend Dellagi, our guidance counsellor dedicated to international applications, can help you with your application.

This assistance is only available to serious applicants who wish to pursue their higher education studies with École Hexagone.

A Mobility Fee of €50 is required for us to consider your application and will be automatically deducted from the total amount of the applicable registration fee if you pass the admission tests.

Payment of this fee does not guarantee admission to one of our institutions, and if your application is unsuccessful it will not be refunded.

Your Admission in a few simple steps:

  • Fill in the information form below
  • Hend Dellagi will contact you within 48 working hours
  • Pay the Mobility Fee to be able to take the selection tests
  • The Admissions Committee makes its decision within 48 working hours
  • If you are admitted, you will have to pay the balance of the tuition fees, i.e. €7,950
  • Hend Dellagi will help you complete the necessary administration with Campus France

Let's go!

Complete your application using the form below.