Hexagone, the school reinventing learning in IT!


École Hexagone was founded on a conviction: that information technology is more than an accumulation of languages, more than the coexistence of software and hardware, more than an ability to process information, more than the challenge of an individual alone with their machine.

Much more than this, information technology is a science, with its share of humanity. It brings together men and women who discuss, exchange and work together. It does not take place in an abstract theoretical framework, but in the very concrete framework of the company and the business world.

This is the spirit in which we wanted to develop our educational project: to offer a curriculum where the student is confronted with the reality of a business, with getting to grips with collective work.

A curriculum that is as much about the well-being of our students as it is about building their capacity to collaborate with people around the world.

This global approach, in which our students learn to operate in a human ecosystem as well as a technological one, naturally does not overlook the acquisition of solid fundamentals in mathematics and algorithms.

Nor the importance of a first-rate teaching staff, also drawn from the business world, nor that of prestigious technological partners, world players and French leaders in their field, so that our students of today, the engineers of tomorrow, can become experts in their environment, all their environments.

Transmitting experience

Trainers, but consultants first!
Our team of trainers is made up of consultants who mainly work in companies. They devote a few hours a year to École Hexagone to pass on their expertise and professional experience to students and those on work-study training.

Jean-Pierre MESSAGER

Jean-Pierre MESSAGER

Computer History, Good Development Practices, Systems Programming, Application Design

Meriem DHRIF

Meriem DHRIF

Agility and Scrum



Linux Administration (RedHat), Cloud and Containerization with Outscale, Continuous Integration


An international outlook at the heart of the project
With more and more graduates working in an international environment and companies needing to be confident that their employees can operate in a multicultural setting, internationalisation has increased the need for shared understanding.

École Hexagone has taken the concept of internationalisation a step further with culturally mixed working groups and by placing the human approach at the heart of the project.

This intercultural communication training enables Hexagone students to discover other cultures, other working methods and rhythms, and to work in a language other than their mother tongue.


Academic excellence à la française
To allow us to monitor every student’s learning and academic progress closely, classes consist of a maximum of 18 students in the 1st and 2nd years of the Preparatory Cycle. Our consultant-trainers can therefore spend more time answering questions and ensuring that everyone understands the concepts correctly.


Students in the Preparatory Cycle have classes from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 16:00. This schedule allows them to balance their personal and student lives.


Students joining the Engineering Cycle have classes 2 days a week, from 9:00 to 17:00, and complete their professional training cycle by spending 3 days a week in the company, including during the school holidays.


Students are selected on the basis of tests offered in mathematics, algorithms/logic, French, general culture and motivation, and can enter École Hexagone in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years.

Open minds

Living well with yourself
Often, and sometimes rightly, information technology students are perceived as geeks locked in their own bubble.

To remedy this, École Hexagone provides drama lessons that encourage memory and public speaking, and also focuses on developing critical thinking beyond the purely technical: encouraging fact-checking, respect for ethics and codes of practice, etc.

École Hexagone also believes that a mind that does not get fresh air cannot perform well in class.

To compensate for the fact that most of the time, students have no sports included in their curriculum after the Baccalaureate, École Hexagone sets up sports sessions that are part of the curriculum and supervised by a sports coach.

École Hexagone also offers students who wish to do so the opportunity to participate in weekly yoga sessions and provides them with up to 3 osteopathy sessions per year.

Finally, because the other danger facing students is junk food, whether through convenience or lack of means, École Hexagone has chosen to provide them free of charge with delicious organic fruit juices produced in France 🇫🇷, a much healthier alternative to fizzy drinks.

And depending on the campus, students may have access to a fully equipped kitchen or a shared company restaurant.