Train yourself in Cyberdefense to meet the major challenges of digital security and sovereignty.

The Cyberdefense of our digital systems is a priority to guarantee our security, our prosperity and our freedoms. The Hexagone School Cyberdefense course was built with the best French providers of security solutions, such as Stormshield (Airbus), Outscale (Dassault Systèmes) or HarfangLab.

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Why a cyberdefense programme?

States, institutions and companies are faced with fierce international competition that increasingly translates into ruthless clashes in cyberspace. The health crisis we are experiencing has highlighted the importance of digital technology for our societies but has also revealed weaknesses, such as during the computer attacks suffered by French hospitals in 2021.

Recruitment in the field of cyber defense in the years to come will be massive in the public and in the private sector: for example, the Ministry of the Armed Forces has announced the recruitment of 2,000 additional cyber-combatants within 3 years.

The skills shortage is gigantic, while the stakes are fundamental.

This is why, while remaining faithful to its values of excellence, innovation and quality, the Hexagon School has decided to open a Cyberdefense course under the authority of Commander Nicolas MALBEC who also has important responsibilities within the Cyber Defense Command (COMCYBER).

تنطبق على البرنامج

An experienced field team

Nicolas MALBEC, Captain of the French Navy

Captain MALBEC

Curriculum director

Commander, more than 20 years spent in the IT teams of the French Navy, Commander MALBEC joined COMCYBER (Ministry of the French Armed Forces) in September 2021.
At the same time, he directs the Cyberdefense curriculum at École Hexagone.

Floriane ALIXE
Floriane ALIXE

COO at HarphangLab, Floriane also teaches attack techniques and how to counter them using Artificial Intelligence embedded in EDRs (Endpoint Detection and Response).

Pierre-Alain DUPONT
Pierre-Alain DUPONT

A graduate of the École Polytechnique and then of the École Polytechnique de Lausanne, Pierre-Alain perfected his academic course by obtaining his doctorate in cryptography at the École Normale Supérieure. He is currently Cybersecurity Architect within the Directorate General of Armaments.


Head of the Cyber ​​Risk Management Office within the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), Fabien RENAUDIN is also designated as a French Expert within ISO on the subject of Information Systems Security. Information.


After an international career, including 7 years spent in China, Cyril co-founded the consulting firm Bispok. which intervenes on all subjects of connectivity and security of wireless networks. Cyril is an expert in Economic Intelligence and trains in the challenges induced by economic wars in the digital field.

Etienne LADENT
Etienne LADENT

Author of the book Cybersecurity and PowerShell, from attack to defense of the information system, Etienne has accumulated more than 10 years in cybersecurity within the Atomic Energy Commission, EDF and now from Kering.


Doctor in cryptology and security from the Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne, Thomas is the CEO and co-founder of Olvid, the secure instant messaging solution.


البرنامج الدراسي بالتفصيل السنتان الأولى والثانية

السنة الأولى - ماجستير 1
(600 ساعة)

  • Cryptography and Blockchain
  • Systems security
  • Networks and protocols security
  • Architectures and cloud security
  • Cyberdefense policy
  • Standardiation : ISO 2700x, sectorial (PCI-DSS, HDS) and audits (CC, CSPN)
  • Cyber risk management
  • Cybersecurity supervision
  • AI and cyberdefense (fundamentals, defense aid)
  • Cyberspace law
  • Sport

السنة الثانية - ماجستير 2
(450 ساعة)

  • Auditing (code, reverse engineering, pen test, bug bounty, forensic)
  • IT project management including DevSecOps
  • Incident response, crisis management (CERT, BCP/DRP, wargame)
  • AI et cyberdefense (AI based attacks, attacks on AI)
  • Robots and cybersecurity
  • Geopolitics of cyberdefense
  • Methodology and support for dissertation
  • Sport

وسائل التقييم:

Reconstituted professional scenarios: these are fictitious or real cases where the candidate must provide written and/or oral deliverables. They are carried out individually or collectively, supervised by trainers and consultants from partner companies. The candidate will propose on the one hand a technical solution and on the other hand all types of documentation (specifications, instructions, manual, business plan, etc.);

Case studies: It allows the candidate to look into a real and past situation, where he will have to collect information to understand and analyze the situation and the context of a problem posed and to draw conclusions;

Practical work: These are exercises carried out in the center over a limited period of time, generally 2 to 4 hours, where the candidates will have to apply their technical know-how;

Certifications from manufacturers or editors;

Professional dissertation and oral defense.

At the end of this training and subject to validating all of the prerequisites, you will get two certificates:

- “Information Systems Architect specialized in industrials processes” professional level 7 qualification, registered with the RNCP on December 14th, 2022 (reference no. 37178).

- “Data, Network and System Security Manager” École Hexagone's qualification. It is currently the subject of a deposit with France Competences for registration with the RNCP.

تحميل كتيب التعريف
تنطبق على البرنامج

Already rewarded and recognized

Cabinet EDUNIVERSAL awarded the Innovation Prize to our Cyberdefense and Information Systems Security Masters.

EDUNIVERSAL Innovation Prize

It is a recognition of the quality of our training preparing for careers in cybersecurity and cyberdefense: pentester, cryptologist, cybersecurity/cyberdefense engineer, consultant, etc.

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