L’École Hexagone will open in Grenoble!

Communiqué de Presse

École Hexagone, a Graduate School of Information Technology, will open in Grenoble in October 2021:

Breaking the “geek” stereotype and promoting French Tech

École Hexagone, a French School of Information Technology, will open its doors to students at its Grenoble campus in October 2021. 

École Hexagone offers IT engineering education as part of a 5-year course. Aimed at baccalaureate holders and students with a two or three-year higher education qualification, this course will lead to the IT Project Manager qualification (level 7 of France’s RNCP certifications directory).

Cyril-Alexandre Pachon, Doctor in Information Technology, who will manage the new Grenoble campus, says: "Grenoble benefits from a very strong economic and academic environment, with prestigious High-Tech, IT/AI research, and start-up companies."  

Sébastien Dhérines, École Hexagone’s President, comments: "Grenoble will be home to École Hexagone’s third campus in France, following on from Versailles and Clermont-Ferrand. Our next step will be to export our Brand and create campuses abroad, showcasing the French academic model and promoting French Tech. Our students receive an IT education that focuses mainly on technologies developed in France: after graduation, they will become ardent promoters of the "Made in France" philosophy, and true ambassadors for French Tech technologies."  

Basics, AI, 5G, Big Data 

In October 2021 in Grenoble, Hexagone will launch the first year and third year of its 5-year course. This course includes two key stages. The preparatory stage covers IT basics, including applied mathematics and algorithms. Although overlooked by many schools, these subjects form the very basis of innovation and AI. 

The engineering stage (basic or work-study course) deals with technological issues (Cloud, Big Data, AI, IoT, 5G, etc.), contract law, marketing and Ethics.

Hexagone: a unique philosophy

Founded in September 2020, École Hexagone offers a unique approach to IT learning. Firstly, students are trained in French technologies wherever possible. École Hexagone has established partnerships with leading players in French Tech: Stormshield, Bispok, 3DS Outscale, Gymglish and Symfony. 

Secondly, Hexagone seeks to combat the stereotype of the "computer geek". The school helps its students to improve their general health and well-being. They have free access to a sports coach and three osteopathy sessions per year to correct their posture in front of the screen.

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