Technology is a fashion, Jean-Baptiste DEMAY’s first essay published by Éditions de l’École Hexagone

Jean-Baptiste DEMAY, Class of 2022, MOA Project Manager at FDU Conseil in Clermont-Ferrand, wrote the essay Technology is a fashion as part of his final research thesis. In his essay, Jean-Baptiste DEMAY decides to analyse the factors of adoption of a new technology by the populations, by taking up the methods of analysis resulting from Machine Learning. From the Internet to social networks, the author traces the major technological innovations of the last 60 years, pointing out the metavers.

At the origin of his essay, “The idea is first to identify and characterise what makes a technological innovation, then to refine the system through the analysis of different innovations over the last 20 years, before finally making several predictions about future technologies” summarises Jean-Baptiste DEMAY.

Starting his analysis on electric waves, passing by GAFAM, the author makes his first predictions by focusing on the blockchain and metavers, and then concludes on the impact of Artificial Intelligence, which according to him will be at the heart of future life.

When asked about the choice of the theme studied, Jean-Baptiste DEMAY replies: Throughout the history of humanity, by offering new possibilities, technological advances have shaped and are shaping the evolution of behaviour by creating new habits and dependencies. I will speak more vulgarly of fashion. Fashion, according to the Larousse definition, is a way of living and behaving specific to each country and time. But it is also an adjective that defines what is in vogue, what is “à la mode”. Every human being is at his or her level subject to fashion. Here I will also speak of a fashion, in the sense of a way of thinking and functioning.

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Author: Mr Jean-Baptiste DEMAY
Publisher: Éditions de l’École Hexagone
ISBN number: 978-2-494392-00-7
164 pages
Printed in France
Public price: 19,90 euros