AI: from artificial to conscious, the first essay by Doha KHAFI published by Éditions de l’École Hexagone

Doha KHAFI Ms. Doha KHAFI, Class of 2023, Data Analyst at Eurel in Paris, has written the essay AI: from artificial to conscious, as part of her graduation thesis. In her essay, Doha KHAFI revisits the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, exploring both weak and strong AI, drawing on existing technological examples, but also taking into account the potential risks to humans of future advances in deep AI.

The age of Artificial Intelligence has arrived. Commonly referred to as AI, this sphere of computing is invading new innovations in our daily lives. It is suddenly and dramatically entering the corporate world. It is revolutionizing work and leisure. It is being used and developed more and more in our everyday tools. The urgent question is: what does it mean, and where is it heading? To understand the path of these evolutions, AI must first introduce itself, then be adopted. It aims to be a human partner, imitating and serving mankind, but other questions may arise. This book provides representations and explanations to offer an angle of reflection on the paths that AI could take. Can AI dominate? Can it free itself? Must it control itself? The questions are of course articulated along several axes, so AI is indeed a tree made up of several branches. We are at the very beginning of the AI revolution. Designers need to make the right choices now.

Extract from the preface written by Doctor Cyril-Alexandre PACHON, Director of Studies and of the Artificial Intelligence Master’s program.

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Author: Mrs Doha KHAFI
Publisher: Éditions de l’École Hexagone
ISBN number: 978-2-494392-00-7
128 pages
Printed in France
Public price: 19,90 euros