Graduation ceremony of the Cédric SYLVESTRE Promotion

École Hexagone, the Graduate School of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Defence, was delighted to bring together the graduates of the Cédric SYLVESTRE promotion in Paris to celebrate their academic success.

This year, Cédric SYLVESTRE, co-founder of Olvid, has been selected to become the patron of the Class of 2023, comprising 9 graduates. Olvid is a secure and sovereign messaging system, qualified by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI), which has been deployed at the École Hexagone, in France, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.


Cédric SYLVESTRE, Patron of the Class of 2023

Under the patronage of Nathalie DE GAULLE, Patron of École Hexagone, the first part of the ceremony, with the traditional speeches, reminded everyone of the three founding values of École Hexagone: Sovereignty, Quality and Innovation.

Nathalie DE GAULLE

Nathalie DE GAULLE, Patron of École Hexagone

These three values underpin the institution’s academic excellence, which is reflected in the quality of the professional and research dissertations written by students during their final year of higher education. This year, it was Ms Doha KHAFI who wrote the best essay of her class, which was published by Éditions de l’École Hexagone. AI: from artifical to conscious, goes back over the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and explores both weak and strong AI, drawing on existing technological examples, but also taking into account the possible risks for humans of the next advances in deep AI.


Doha KHAFI, Major of the Promotion 2023

Then, after the traditional graduation photo, École Hexagone offered a cocktail reception and dinner in honour of the graduates, with musical interludes and a few surprises…