L’École Hexagone chooses Olvid to strengthen the security of its communications

In line with its desire to demonstrate that it is possible for a company or public institution to have a sovereign, Franco-European Information System that is impervious to American extraterritorial laws, the Hexagone School is continuing its digital transformation.

In addition, the international development of the École Hexagone, in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan and Tunisia, requires greater consideration to be given to the security of exchanges with third parties, specifically instantaneous exchanges and VoIP calls.

Subsequent to these two points, l’École Hexagone has decided to ban the use of WhatsApp for its employees on work-related missions. Referring to the technical solutions validated by the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information (ANSSI), École Hexagone has selected Olvid, the first instant messenger to be CSPN-certified by the ANSSI.

Olvid is a messaging system for exchanging rich messages or audio calls, encrypted from end to end, without a SIM card. For businesses, deployment is simplified because Olvid does not require a centralised directory. Instead, deployment is based either on SSO authentication already in place, or on synchronisation with the existing directory, or on a completely disconnected configuration.

Interview with Cédric SYLVESTRE, Co-Founder of Olvid, and Sébastien DHÉRINES, President of École Hexagone.

In order to offer the best technical solutions and products to its students and graduates, Hexagone School has also chosen to offer each of them an Enterprise licence, available from the MyHexagone portal. So students and graduates, can use Olvid to keep in touch in complete security.

Article updated on 22 November 2023:
As proof of the validity of using Olvid, the Prime Minister, Mrs Elisabeth BORNE, signed a circular dated 21 November 2023, asking “members of the Government and ministerial cabinets to deploy the Olvid application, replacing any other application deployed outside public control.”.