Oky Doky Hackathon: AI for emergency services

The start-up Oky Doky, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and partner of the École Hexagone Artificial Intelligence Master’s programme, wanted to organise a hackathon on the Versailles Campus on Saturday 24 February 2024.

A hackathon is an event where programmers, developers, designers and other new technology professionals come together for a short period to collaborate on software and other projects. The term "hackathon" is a combination of "hack" and "marathon", reflecting the intensity and duration of the event, which can vary from a few hours to several days.

Cyril Alexandre PACHON Cyril Alexandre PACHON,
Director of the Artificial Intelligence Master's programme.

The challenge posed by the Oky Doky teams for this hackathon was: “How can we ensure the accuracy of a victim’s geolocation for the emergency services? Ten or so teams from the Clermont-Ferrand and Versailles campuses worked on the issue all day, putting forward various ideas and concepts to the Oky Doky teams, who decided to award first prize to Florian BRUNEL and Alexandre FAYOLLE, both students at our Clermont-Ferrand campus.