École Hexagone joins the Hub France IA

Artificial Intelligence is a computer science discipline that is very much in the news at the moment: autonomous vehicles and aircraft, virtual assistants, text and video generation tools, and so on. Most of the software used on the market are American (ChatGPT, Copilot, etc.). In view of the challenges linked to AI in the coming years, which will change our relationship with new technologies, it is necessary to participate in the creation, development and expansion of Franco-European tools.

In this context, the non-profit association Hub France IA, aims to bring together French players in responsible, ethical and sovereign Artificial Intelligence, by and for the entire economic fabric (start-ups, VSEs/SMEs, major groups, academic and institutional players). By way of illustration, the company’s Board of Directors includes Claire CALMEJANE (Chief Innovation Officer at Société Générale), General Patrick PERROT (Coordinator for AI at the Gendarmerie Nationale), Mr David DE ALMEIDA (Scientific Director of Research at SNCF), Mr Pierre-Étienne BARDIN (Chief Data Officer at La Poste), and others.

École Hexagone today became a member of the Hub France IA, to take part in the association’s work alongside the other members (La Banque Postale, France TV, Scaleway, BPI France, etc.). The work of the Hub France IA includes AI Act, cybersecurity, ethics, generative AI, voice and language, etc.

Cyril Alexandre PACHON Cyril Alexandre PACHON,
Director of the Artificial Intelligence Master's degree.

Joining the France IA Hub is important for Hexagone School and its Artificial Intelligence Masters students, as we will be able to contribute to the thematic working groups. It will also enable students to exchange ideas with trusted AI players, and probably make it easier to find internship and work-study offers. Finally, it's also a way of raising the profile of our course and attracting new speakers to share their experience with our students.

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