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4 rue des Tropiques, 38130 Échirolles

Soon in Grenoble

Grenoble, the mountains as a setting for advanced technlogies.

An expert with you every day

“ Trades and discoveries are the future of humanity, IT is its tool.

Nestled in the heart of incubators and technology companies, the Hexagon School offers its students theoretical and practical training. My mission with them is to accompany them and reveal them to build their profession. Understand and know, the operation of IT is based on two stages: "design then apply".

Creating is the first complex phase. It becomes necessary to understand the demand and then to model it. Our work and our training, allow to acquire the bases of the theory to discern : design and realization.
Knowing how to present to all audiences is the fundamental role for all technological advances. Communication and the value of expression refine the modeling. Therefore, my teaching is not just about abstraction or solving puzzles. But, it also includes the analysis of the feasibility and its presentation.

Crafting is the second step. The first idea is to apply: "To know it, I must do it at least once". Working alone or in a team, the project takes shape by selecting the right components, the right practices and the right tests. Our choice to allow our students from the 3th year to do apprenticeship in a company confronts them with the reality of the obligations. My philosophy becomes that knowing how to analyze the result is essential to offer conformity and robustness to the product.

The choice of Grenoble is self-evident. Students benefit from a sporting, cultural and technological living environment. Companies are not wrong. They are settling in large numbers and the need for trained young people is concrete. The opportunities become a reality to achieve a beautiful and long career in IT.
I am happy to be able to offer a fulfilling ecosystem to all of our students.
Together the future becomes possible between employability and passion. »

— Dr Cyril-Alexandre PACHON, Director of the Grenoble campus

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