Certifications, rankings and qualifications

École Hexagone, computer science college, was committed to gaining recognition from the French authorities when it was founded. In recent years, it has been awarded a number of prizes and labels.

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Quality is an intrinsic value fiercely attached to the academic programmes offered at École Hexagone. To achieve this level of quality, École Hexagone strives to design the best programmes with its academic partners, and to select consultant-trainers from the professional world.

RNCP qualifications

  • Applications Designer and Developer [RNCP37873], level 6 (Bac+3), authorisation to train and organise assessments.
  • NetOps Network Administrator [RNCP36163], level 6 (Bac+3), authorisation to train and organise assessments.
  • Information Systems Architect for Industrial Processes [RNCP37178], level 7 (Bac+5).
  • Data, network and systems security manager [RNCP37796], level 7 (Bac+5).

Independent rankings


Ranking of our Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in the "Software Architecture & Complex Systems" category.


Ranking of the Master's degree in Information Systems Architecture in the "Computer Science and Systems Engineering" category.


Ranking based on student satisfaction with various aspects of school life, including teaching, organisation and the general atmosphere of the school.

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Certifications and qualification(s)

SecNumEdu Logo

Label SecNumedu

SecNumedu is the label set up by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) to distinguish initial training courses in cybersecurity in France. The SecNumedu label has been awarded to the Cyberdefence Master's course run by Commander Nicolas MALBEC.

ISO 9001 AFNOR Logo

Certification ISO 9001

ISO standards are internationally recognised standards designed to help companies establish levels of consistency in service provision, among other things. ISO 9001 defines the requirements for setting up a Quality Management System.

Qualiopi Logo

Certification Qualiopi

The Qualiopi label was introduced by the French Government as part of Law no. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 on the freedom to choose one's professional future. It attests to the quality of the process implemented by providers of actions contributing to skills development.