With the Architecture of Information Systems Master from Ecole Hexagone, become an actor in the digital transformation of companies and industries!

Digital technology is one of the relevant responses to the challenges of the 21st century. The 4th industrial revolution revealed new professions in tension, including that of IS Architect in industrial processes. Indeed, new technologies are transforming habits: IoT sensors, additive printing, Big Data, Cloud, 5G networks, etc.

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Springboard to emerging and innovative professions, particularly in demand by companies, this curriculum will take you to the heart of the digital transformation of companies and industries.

A true builder, the Architect of Information Systems in industrial processes supervises the deployment of the infrastructure, coordinates the work between the different teams and promotes the technical architecture to internal and external users. He thus coordinates the IT and OT teams around a common base  : digital continuity.

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Computer engineering challenges of the 21st century

Digital transformation design office

The Architect of information systems in industrial processes program is the course set up when the École Hexagone was created. Indeed, École Hexagone originally deployed a course in computer engineering oriented towards "Industry 4.0", a real 4th industrial revolution in progress, in connection with French industrialists: Airbus, Thales, Safran, Dassault Systemes, Michelin and Schneider.

There is a double interest in this approach: working with French leaders to train trainees in sovereign skills and technologies, moreover it should be noted that a senatorial report validated our entire strategy on the one hand, and to offer future graduates very strong job prospects for the next generation 2020-2045.

This course provides access to various professions such as OT Information Systems Security Manager, Industrial IT Engineer, IS Architect in on-board IT, etc. It is therefore necessary to have a range of skills ranging from software engineering to system and network architecture.

Cloud infrastructures monitoring

Who is this training aimed at?

École Hexagone program
A 2-year course to obtain a level 7 title (Bac+5).
  • I am already a student at Ecole Hexagone in a Bachelor of Information Technology, I can continue directly on this Masters in work-study.
  • I have already studied computer science and reached a Bac+3 level, I can apply directly for this programme.
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  • I already have professional experience in this sector and wish to have my achievements recognised, I am starting a procedure for Validation of Acquired Experience.
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Detailed programme 1st and 2nd years

After a Bac+3 level course or a resumption of studies, the IS Architect master's degree will allow you to acquire the technical and managerial skills necessary for the IT engineering professions.

This comprehensive program addresses Industry 4.0 and digital transformation topics: 5G and IoT networks, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, cloud, OT protocols, digital twins and BIM.

1st year - Master 1
(649 hours)

  • Project management - Testing methodology
  • Management of information systems (ITIL)
  • API and microservices
  • Supervision
  • Networks and operators
  • Cybersecurity
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
  • Business Intelligence (Power BI)
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Marketing and business strategy
  • Introduction to Economic intelligence
  • Economic and digital literacy
  • Sport

2nd year - Master 2
(464 hours)

  • Smart Building
  • Corporate strategic thinking and digital transformation
  • Defining and implementing a BCP/DRP
  • Securing WIFI access
  • IT security - ISO 27001
  • Ethics in the 21st century
  • Economic intelligence
  • Methodology and support for dissertation
  • Commercial contracts law
  • Economic and digital literacy
  • Sport

Assessment methods:

Reconstituted professional scenarios: these are fictitious or real cases where the candidate must provide written and/or oral deliverables. They are carried out individually or collectively, supervised by trainers and consultants from partner companies. The candidate will propose on the one hand a technical solution and on the other hand all types of documentation (specifications, instructions, manual, business plan, etc.);

Case studies: It allows the candidate to look into a real and past situation, where he will have to collect information to understand and analyze the situation and the context of a problem posed and to draw conclusions;

Practical work: These are exercises carried out in the center over a limited period of time, generally 2 to 4 hours, where the candidates will have to apply their technical know-how;

Certifications from manufacturers or editors;

Professional dissertation and oral defense.

At the end of this training and subject to validating all of the prerequisites, you will get “Information Systems Architect specialized in industrial processes” École Hexagone's professional level 7 qualification, registered with the RNCP on December 14th, 2022 (reference no. 37178).

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Jobs of the future to transform today’s industry

Digital twin design

Companies are struggling to recruit the talent they need into their IT teams. Thanks to our course, you will be able to apply for these different professions:

  • Digital Transformation Director in industrual domain
  • Industrial computing engineer
  • Information Systems Architect
  • IS urbanist
  • IS urbanist in industrial processes
  • Industrial computing development manager
  • Infrastructure development manager between industrial and IT processes
  • IS architect in industrial and/or embedded computing
  • OT Information Systems Security Manager

By becoming an Information Systems Architect in industrial processes, be the engineers who participate in the next industrial revolution!