Be at the heart of tomorrow’s Sustainable Digital Industries!

Faced with the Franco-European challenge of reindustrialization, this new Master's degree, designed in close collaboration with market leaders Dassault Systèmes, Naval Group, Orano, etc., will enable you to become a player in this revolution at the frontier of the industrial and digital worlds.

4000 positions in France and 30,000 in Europe are to be filled.
Our two-year sandwich course is open to people with a background in computer science, mechanics, electronics, robotics, mathematics, design or industrial engineering.

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So what's PLM all about?

It's a set of methods, applications and software that enable you to manage the life cycle of a product or service, from the idea, R&D, 2D or 3D design, industrialization, after-sales service, market release to product recycling.
. PLM generally includes functionalities such as technical data management, change management, document management, supplier management, project management, etc.

Today, there are over 4,000 vacancies in PLM in France, and over 30,000 in Europe. It's a profession with a bright future, and one that will play an essential role in the development of smarter, greener products.

Today, there are over 4,000 vacancies in PLM in France, and over 30,000 in Europe. It's a profession with a bright future, and one that will play an essential role in the development of smarter, greener products.

Who is this curriculum for?

I'm already a student at École Hexagone in the Bachelor Informatique program., I can go straight on to this work-study Master's program.
I've already studied computer science, mechanics, electricity or electronics... and achieved a Bac+3 level.
, I can apply directly for this program.

I am retraining and I'm looking for promising careers with a real impact on sustainable development. I don't need to come from an IT background. I can apply to join this Master's program!

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I already have professional experience in this sector and would like to have my qualifications recognized, I'm starting the procedure of "Validation des Acquis par l'Expérience (VAE)"..

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Detailed program 1st and 2nd years

The training program offers a theoretical foundation, a structuring environment foundation, a development foundation and an opening foundation.

1st year
(648 hours)

This year will help you understand what PLM is, who it’s for and, above all, how to make it evolve efficiently.

  • Project management fundamentals
  • Requirements gathering and functional definitions
  • PLM foundation
  • Socle Solutions - Focus Dassault Systèmes
  • Socle Solutions - Focus Teamcenter / Siemens
  • Industrial Project
  • Business intelligence
  • English
  • Sports
  • Professional experience

2nd year
(438 hours)

In the second year, you will gain expertise in the functional basis of PLM, while understanding the industrial and economic context in which it operates.

  • Master plan, framing and value commitment
  • Change management and user adoption
  • PLM advanced knowledge
  • PLM solutions in-depth
  • Specialization Elective
  • Industrial Project
  • Economic and digital culture
  • English
  • Sports
  • Methodology for thesis support

Assessment methods:

Reconstituted work situations:These are fictitious or real-life cases in which the candidate is required to produce written and/or oral deliverables. They are carried out individually or collectively, under the supervision of trainers and consultants from partner companies. Candidates are asked to propose a technical solution and all types of documentation (specifications, instructions, manuals, business plans, etc.). ;

Studies casesIt enables the candidate to examine a real, past situation, gathering information to understand and analyze the situation and the context of a given problem, and to draw conclusions ;

Practical work:These are exercises carried out at the center over a limited period of time, generally 2 to 4 hours, where candidates are required to apply their technical know-how;;

Professional thesis and oral defense.

At the end of this course, and provided you have passed all the pre-requisites, you will be awarded the Title « Information systems architect for industrial processes » École Hexagone, Level 7 professional qualification registered on December 14, 2022 with the RNCP (French National Register of Certifications) (reference n°37178).

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Professions of the future to transform today’s industry

Companies struggles to recruit the talents they need for their IT teams. Thanks to our curriculum, you'll be able to apply for these different professions:

  • Enginer PLM
  • Consultant PLM
  • PLM's Project Manager
  • Business Process Analysts
  • etc.

By becoming a PLM Consultant, be the engineers who take part in the next industrial revolution