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International Development Manager

Lassad co-created l’École Hexagone in 2020 alongside Sébastien. He began his career working directly in the Middle East for major French companies, then wenùon to manage Nokia throughout the African continent and the Middle East. Founder of the Novatel group, a telecom player, he is the driving force behind our international development.

Didier VIDAL

Diplomatic advisor to the President

Following a long and distinguished career in international diplomacy, serving France’s economic interests, Didier has been the President’s Diplomatic Advisor since 2023. He studies the possibilities of strategic partnerships for the Institution on the international stage.


Academic Director

Manon is passionate about higher education and more broadly andragogical subjects. She joined École Hexagone in 2022, as Academic and Pedagogical Manager. After several successful projects, Manon was appointed Academic Director of École Hexagone..

Dr Cyril-Alexandre PACHON

Studies and IA’s master Director

Dr. PACHON was one of the first to join the academic ranks of the Hexagone School, when it was founded in 2020. A passionate (and fascinating!) teacher, he leads numerous courses on our Clermont-Ferrand and Versailles campuses, directs the Artificial Intelligence Master’s program, and also supervises the final year dissertations.

Cdt Nicolas MALBEC

Cybersecurity Master’s Director

Commandant MALBEC had a brilliant career in the French Navy, specialising in digital issues and working for the COMCYBER (Ministry of the Armed Forces). In 2021, he joined École Hexagone and created the Cyberdefence Master’s degree. His strategic vision of Cyber contributes to the influence of the Cursus and enables its students to be trained by the best French experts.


Product Life Management Master’s Director

Graduate from Télécom SudParis and HEC, founder of the Sociacom consultancy firm and an expert in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, Julien created the PLM Master’s degree for Hexagone in 2023. Passionate about industrial and digital issues, Julien shares his passion and experience with his students.


Educational Advisor

A Systems & Networks and IoT engineer, Kévin has been assisting the Academic Management since 2021 with the design and running of face-to-face teaching sessions in his areas of expertise. He is also in charge of the FabLab on our French campuses, helping students to physically carry out their projects.

Camille BRUNEL

Quality Director

Camille has nearly 20 years’ professional experience in higher education. Well accomplished in business processes, she joined the team in 2020, in the early days of École Hexagone. She took charge of Quality-related issues. Today, as an example, she is responsible for the Qualiopi label and ISO 9001 and 21001 standards. She ensures the consistency and harmonization of all our business processes across our different campuses, in France and abroad.


Director of Clermont-Ferrand campus

Dorine took over the management of the Clermont-Ferrand Campus when it opens in 2020. She is in charge of Campus operations, including course planning, pedagogical interviews and representing École Hexagone in Auvergne. Dorine attaches great importance to the human relations she nurtures with her students.


Pedagogical Coordinator

Joan became the conductor of the Versailles Campus in 2023, in charge of planning, student support and training consultants. Every day, he brings a dose of good humour to the Campus!

Claire BAZIN


Claire took part in the École Héxagone project in 2022, becoming an Ambassador for the Institution in Versailles. Her day-to-day work consists of helping candidates to formulate their career plans and to find the right course for them. She also assists them with their student administrative formalities.



Marina took part in the adventure of École Hexagone, on the Clermont-Ferrand Campus, in 2022. Marina is responsible for guiding students and apprentices in their higher education and career plans’projects. She also is in relation with companies in the Auvergne region to place our students whom are looking for an apprenticeship.



After completing her Master’s degree in Business Strategy, Maëva joined École Hexagone as an Ambassador in 2023. She participates in the development of our future students’ higher education projects. She advises them on their choices and ensures that they are consistent with their career plans.



Since 2023, Fairouz has been in charge of International Admissions, for the Clermont-Ferrand, Versailles and Tunis campuses. Fairouz is based on our Tunis Campus and represents the École Hexagone in Tunisia at local events. She assists applicants in their application with Campus France.



William is an Information Systems Architecture Engineer, and had joined École Hexagone when he graduates in 2022. Involved in the School’s various subjects, he is helping to automate as many processes as possible using digital technology, so that staff can concentrate on value-added tasks and on people.

Cédric RAGOT

Developer apprentice

Cédric is the HTML/CSS (and other!) code wizard who created this web page.He joined the IT team in 2024 to speed up the development and production of the institution’s internal and external tools.Now in a new career, he’s thriving on lines of code.



Numbers hold no secrets for her. Amani is in charge of École Hexagone’s accounts. She is in charge of monitoring cash receipts, invoices, etc. After successful professional experiences in Tunisia and France, and after obtaining her M2 in Audit and Management Control, Amani joined the Hexagone School in 2024..