École Hexagone values: Sovereignty, Quality and Innovation

“DE LA SOUVERAINETÉ” is the name of Title I of the French Constitution of 4 October 1958, which is still in force and defines the fundamental rules of the Fifth French Republic.

Many people have forgotten it or simply ignore it. Yet it is a state of mind that should dominate some of our choices, some of our actions. The health crisis linked to COVID-19 reminded us that digital technology is just as important as physical space, and that in many respects it requires a certain idea of Sovereignty.

Higher education is not an exception. On the contrary, it must be the spearhead of Sovereignty. Make no mistake. This is not about having a restrictive and reductive vision of the world around us. It’s not about cowering and closing in on ourselves. Sovereignty is precisely about understanding the world in which we are evolving together, grasping the major movements, detecting the weak signals and providing a precise and concrete response to the civilisational challenges of tomorrow - environmental, social and economic.

This requires us to be exemplary in the Quality of the teaching given to our students. This includes the choice of consultants who teach and train our students. It also involves the infrastructure in which our students work on a daily basis, where they spend 6 to 10 hours a day. It also means clear operating procedures that everyone can understand, with no red tape to prevent creative minds from expressing themselves freely.

It was with this in mind that École Hexagone, in addition to the regulatory recommendation to have the Qualiopi label, sought ISO 9001 certification. This international standard defines the requirements for implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) for organisations wishing to improve customer satisfaction. The École Hexagone’s campuses have been ISO 9001 certified since 2021. Our students are at the heart of the QMS, as they are invited to complete an anonymous satisfaction survey at the end of each module.

With its Sovereign academic programmes, designed and implemented with Quality in mind, Hexagone School is in a position to bring Innovation to its teaching. Being innovative in higher education means thinking and imagining the curricula of tomorrow. What will be the key themes for businesses? What skills will they need and how can they be trained in anticipation? It also means thinking outside the box, adopting new approaches, such as integrating Business Intelligence as a module in engineering Masters programmes.

President’s word

Sébastien DHÉRINES, President of École Hexagone

More and more graduates are working in an international environment and in companies that need to be sure that their employees have the skills they need. École Hexagone has therefore taken the concept of internationalisation a step further by creating culturally mixed working groups and placing the human approach at the heart of the project.

And because learning expectations go far beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge, École Hexagone teaches you to develop the personal characteristics that are essential today, such as flexibility, anticipation, the ability to work effectively in a group and to provide leadership, as well as the ability to apply procedures, critical thinking and creative problem-solving methods using a wide range of information sources, on demand or in new and unexpected situations.

Our programmes are not limited to the acquisition of knowledge. They include specific skills, with the emphasis on using them in practical situations that will contribute to your future professional success; drama classes to help you speak in public, osteopathy sessions paid for by the Institution, sports sessions accompanied by a professional coach, food hygiene and respect for the environment.

Without the humanities, technology is nothing: that’s our belief at École Hexagone.

Sébastien DHÉRINES
President of École Hexagone