President’s word

Sébastien DHÉRINES, President of École Hexagone

“Without humanities, technology is nothing: this is what we believe at École Hexagone.

More and more graduates are working in an international environment and in companies that need to be confident that their employees have the skills they need. École Hexagone has therefore taken the concept of internationalisation a step further with culturally mixed working groups and by placing the human approach at the heart of the project.

And because expectations of learning go far beyond the acquisition of knowledge, École Hexagone teaches you to develop personal characteristics that are essential today, such as flexibility, anticipation, the ability to work effectively in a group, to provide leadership, and to apply procedures, critical thinking and creative problem solving using a wide range of information sources, on demand or in new and unexpected situations.

Our programmes are not limited to the acquisition of knowledge. They include specific skills, focusing on their use in practical situations that contribute to your future professional success:

You are selected based on tests in mathematics, algorithms/logic, French, general culture, English and motivation, and can enter École Hexagone from the 1st to the 4th year (Preparatory and Engineering Cycles). This test-based selection allows École Hexagone to guarantee a consistent level and academic excellence delivered by experienced consultant-trainers from the business world.

Internationalisation and French Tech given pride of place, all the excitement of sharing, and recognised academic expertise: join us in an inspiring study environment! »

Sébastien DHÉRINES
President of École Hexagone