What is VAE?

The Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) is a way of obtaining certification other than through initial training by valuing professional experience acquired over a minimum of 12 months.

For who?

This approach is based on the assumption that you have already carried out the activities related to the certification in question; you must therefore master the knowledge and skills required to obtain the certification. This is what you will have to demonstrate during the passage in front of the Jury with a defense.

With the skills in line with the chosen certification, any person, whatever their age, nationality, status and level of training and who can prove an experience of at least one year, directly related to the certification targeted, can claim VAE, whether for all skill blocks or for a specific block.

Person in a professional situation


Let us know and we will find solutions!

Each situation is examined on a case-by-case basis and requires significant reflection and research on the part of the Disability Advisor. For each situation identified, a personalized follow-up is organized during the training and compensation can be set up:

Dorine RAICHON, disability advisor, is present on the Clermont-Ferrand campus and will be able to answer your questions and requests.


Industrial companies are constantly adapting to new technologies in order to improve their performance. The recruitment of Information Systems Architects in industrial processes is thus experiencing strong growth which promises to be more and more important in the years to come!

Here are the jobs you can aspire to by being certified “Architect of information systems in industrial processes”:

New job prospects

Here are the careers you can aspire to by being certified “Computer Engineering Expert”:

Admissibility file

Booklet 1 consists of 4 sections:

A lot of information is available on the website vae.gouv.fr.

Support for the creation of booklet 2

Support for VAE

The objective of this support is to offer you individual methodological assistance for:

Preparation for the final interview test before the certification jury:

Additional Resources: